The future of road transport in Europe

Road transport in Europe takes the path traced by European Union.  As political decisions are made, physical borders between states are erased, but also economic barriers.
Transport in the European Union
Nevertheless, the subject still deserves much thought and awaits solutions for situations that are likely to slow or delay its expansion. The Point in following developments:

The current blockages of European road transport

At the moment, road transport in Europe continues to face various challenges. This is despite efforts being made by European decision-making bodies.
Among most current ones, we can mention, for example, the existence of disparate rules in this area. They are due in particular to legislation that still often differs from one European State to another.
In terms of competition, it must be admitted that there are still significant market imbalances. This usually leads to expansion difficulties for some actors.
It is therefore necessary to think now about finding minimum consensus on subject. The objective is to put all businesses operating in European road transport sector on equal footing in terms of opportunities and chances.

Avenues of reform to be studied

Expected reforms of road transport in Europe are primarily in social and economic field. In effect, workers in sector need regime that is somewhat uniform from both tax and treatment point of view. Implementation of decisions must then be subject to properly organised control, with exceptions being kept to fully.
The second part, which will make future of road transport in Europe, concerns energy transition. Implementation of latter will certainly require dedicated sources of funding.
No matter what happens, policies adopted must encourage stakeholders in sector to play game. They must invest in ecological concepts for tangible results in medium term, as well as for complete transition long term.
Methods of assessing greenhouse gases must be harmonised. Nevertheless, users of European road transport network require a minimum of mobilisation compared to reforms carried out in name of environment and ecology.
Green transport
In addition, the transition in field of road transport in Europe also concerns digital technology. It should facilitate computerisation of exchanges and simplify procedures.
Finally, we can’t talk about future of road transport in Europe without mentioning the need to computerise tasks to limit arduousness of some workstations. It will also be important to work on attractiveness of sector to attract new profiles.

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