Technology and optimization of the costs of the chartering service

The Transport Management System (TMS) market has shown some signs of excitement in the recent years. The market is experiencing a new lease of life through the optimization of services. Indeed, it is a problem that has just been solved, especially when we know that providers are now looking for the best methods to reduce the cost of their services.

Many software innovations

optimización de costes del servicio de fletamentoThe Transport System Management market knows the depths of the changes with the advent of digitalization. Nowadays software innovations are at the heart of the business of logistics companies. Indeed for the tools aimed at facilitating the financial operations, the software publishers are shown to be particularly productive. For example we can name the software Ortec Transport which is a software that intends to cover all the operations of planning and optimization of transport. It makes it possible to organize the tactical plans of transport and to pilot in real time the planned activities. For the user, it is necessary to use an approval mode which should allow an improvement of the visibility and the service quality. Therefore, the global solution offers several levels of planning, including the creation of tour plans for the day, the week or the month to come.
The Ortec Transport solution also offers dashboards for power indicators and traceability monitoring.

TMS solutions expand

Overall we can say that TMS solutions are expanded day after day to meet the needs of businesses in terms of information. It must be said that the first demand concerns advanced cartography. That’s why giants like CJM wanted to work on it by setting up a new container module, platform management as well as embedded computer integrations. As for it Teliae offers a geolocation tracking mode through its offer which offers a feedback in real time towards its applications. Still in the field of cartography DDS Logistics has recently entered into a partnership with PTV loxane, a software publisher and IT services publisher to order group deliveries based on the geographic location of the recipients.

Evaluation of the transportation costs

optimización de costes del servicio de fletamento.

Today, the various software publishers optimizing the freight service also take into account the cost of transport. This is a must for us to talk about service efficiency. In addition to this aspect we also have carbon footprint control according to the European Commission standards. It aims to halve greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector by 2050.

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