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Digitalisation des transports : enjeux

Digitizing transportation: the challenges

Transportation is one of the most important sectors of the global economy, and there are many challenges to digitizing it. Digitizing transportation can bring significant benefits to businesses, consumers and the environment. Benefits for businesses Businesses can benefit from digitizing transportation by reducing their production and logistics costs. Information and communication technologies (ICT) can help …

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Réseaux sociaux

How social network is impacting the freight industry

Marketing and Advertising Social network is a valuable tool for freight transportation companies to promote their services to a wider audience. Targeted ads help reach potential customers, and company pages provide a platform to share information about new products, promotions and special offers. Increasing Visibility Transportation companies can use social media to improve their online …

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aide août

111,000 carriers and taxi drivers receive direct aid approved in August

The new direct aid to the road transport sector amounting to 450 million euros, in addition to that approved in March, was one of the star measures included in the agreement signed last July between the sector’s organisations and the Government to continue to alleviate the high fuel prices, consisting of a fixed amount for both goods and passenger hauliers, taxis, vtcs and ambulances depending on the number of vehicles they own.

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