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111,000 carriers and taxi drivers receive direct aid approved in August

The new direct aid to the road transport sector amounting to 450 million euros, in addition to that approved in March, was one of the star measures included in the agreement signed last July between the sector’s organisations and the Government to continue to alleviate the high fuel prices, consisting of a fixed amount for both goods and passenger hauliers, taxis, vtcs and ambulances depending on the number of vehicles they own.

In this new call for applications, around 111,000 hauliers and taxi drivers have been beneficiaries, who are currently receiving the aid granted in their banks, with around 14,000 applications having been provisionally rejected or pending verification.
One of the star measures approved by the Government at the beginning of August, as a result of the agreements reached in July with the hauliers’ associations that make up the National Road Transport Committee, was the new direct aid to hauliers and taxi drivers depending on the number and type of vehicles they own, for a total amount of more than 450 million euros, in addition to the aid approved last March, as a result of the high fuel prices that the road transport sector continues to endure.

In this regard, according to Fenadimer, in this call for applications around 111,000 hauliers are beneficiaries of the aid, who are currently receiving the amounts granted by the Bank of Spain in their banks, which are calculated according to the number and type of vehicles they own (lorries, vans, buses, taxis, vtcs and ambulances).

On the other hand, the remaining applications submitted, which on this occasion amount to around 14,000 applicants, significantly fewer than in the previous call for applications, will be provisionally rejected because they fail to comply with some of the requirements entitling them to aid, or because of some error in the processing of the application, such as errors in the entry of the bank account for payment of the aid, or because they fall within the competence of the Basque or Navarrese regional administrations. There are also a limited number of applications that are being studied in the case of groups of companies to check that the aid limits laid down in European regulations have not been exceeded.

In any case, Fenadismer reminds beneficiaries who have debts with the Treasury that the Tax Agency will proceed to offset these debts, so in these cases they will receive the resulting amount in their bank account after deduction of their outstanding debt.

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