Logistique dernier kilomètre

The last mile

The last mile is a major issue in the transport sector. It refers to the final delivery phase of a product or parcel, i.e. the journey between the logistics hub and the final destination. This stage is often considered the most complex and costly in the logistics chain.

Numerous challenges :

First of all, it has to meet consumers’ growing demands in terms of delivery times. Customers expect ever-shorter lead times and flexibility in their choice of delivery address. What’s more, the last mile often takes place in urban environments, with complex infrastructure and traffic conditions.

To meet these challenges, many transport companies are using innovative technologies such as drones, robots and autonomous vehicles. These technologies help to optimize delivery routes, reduce costs and improve supply chain efficiency. Drones, for example, can be used for rapid deliveries in hard-to-reach areas or for emergency deliveries.

In addition, transport companies can use logistics management platforms that integrate all stages of the supply chain, including the last mile. These platforms can optimize delivery routes, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by offering greater flexibility in delivery options.

Finally, a collaborative approach can also help solve last-mile challenges. Companies can work together to share delivery costs and resources, or optimize delivery routes by pooling product flows. Governments can also play a role, by creating dedicated delivery zones or investing in more efficient transport infrastructures.

In conclusion, the problem of the last mile in transport is complex, but can be solved through innovative technologies, logistics management platforms and collaborative approaches. Companies need to adapt to consumers’ growing demands in terms of delivery times, while optimizing costs and offering a high-quality delivery experience.

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