Do you know how important is to secure a merchandise in transport?

To secure a merchandise in transport is one of the most important things a company should take into account. The transportation is an economic activity that involves risks both to people and to merchandises. Thus, the necessity of taking precautions to secure the merchandise at everytime becomes one of the most important issues.

Main measures to secure a merchandise in transport 

secure a merchandise in transport

The transportation security of hazardous materials

Vehicles of dangerous merchandises are subject to hijacks or may cause explosions if safety procedures are not followed. It is therefore important to ensure their safety and there are several national and international laws in this regard.
These include the ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road), RID (Convention on International Carriage by Rail), ADN (European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by inner waterway). All these texts contain precise indications as to the measures that need to be adopted for the transportation of hazardous materials.

The Security of the supply chain

The security of the supply chain includes all the means implemented to ensure the safety in the transportation of goods from the producer to the customer. This security takes into account external threats to the supply chain (theft of goods, theft of vehicles, driver aggression), internal risks such as the diversion of the supply chain for purposes of trafficking and illegal activities (smuggling, counterfeiting, terrorism…). The challenge facing the risks of shipping by sea for example is to reduce them through the security tools of goods…

Freight security tools

There are several techniques to ensure the security of the freight. These include among others the packaging, marking, seals, geolocation, video surveillance, etc. Concerning the packaging, it is recommended to pack the goods adequately in order to avoid damage due to shocks and shocks on the road.
Road transport safety therefore requires a good quality padding package, each item must also be packaged individually. For fragile goods, the packaging can be doubled above and below in order to limit the risk of road transportation. It is also important to mark and label the goods to facilitate their transportation.
The marking also facilitates the task of the carrier who will take precautionary measures according to each type of goods. For seals, as for packaging, they ensure the integrity of the goods during checks and also during the loading process. The seals, with the new technologies, can be associated with sensors to guarantee the safety, the control and the good conditions of transportation of the goods.
For the transportation of valuable goods, GPS geolocation techniques may also be used. These methods make it possible to locate vehicles, containers or transport units. They guarantee the security of these goods and are effective in case of theft. Geolocation is often used for high value goods or for the hazardous materials.
All these techniques generally allow the traceability of goods. The video surveillance, which is growing more and more, is also helping to secure the freights. Beyond monitoring, it aims to protect the goods during the transportation. This tool has been implemented in all modes of transportation. Video surveillance is now present in road traffic, air, rail and even in maritime traffic. To secure a merchandise in transport you need a proper company to rely on.

In MAP Transport S.A. we have been guaranteeing security in all the transported merchandises for 33 years now. Our professionalism and fulfillment with the measures and valid current laws turn us into a reliable company. More than 2.000 customers rely on us and our services but we want to go further.

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