Do you know our company?
MAP Transport S.A., your trusted partner in Europe, is road transport company located in Irun with 33 year experience in this sector. Our activity is focused on the security and the transport of the merchandises from one point to another. We collaborate with almos all the countries in Europe, Eastern Europe as well (Turkey, Romania, Serbia…) but are France, Portugal, Italy and Germany with the countries we most work with.
Our motto is “necessity-solution”. We deal with a multilingual and professional human team, with a huge expertise in this sector that give you the solution you requiere for all your shippments all over Europe.
We answer to our clients’ necessities in a fast and efficient way 
What are our own VALUES?
Promote corporate values is essential for the development of our company.

  • We act in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in all Europe.
  • Respect and confidentiality toward customers.
  • Respect toward our collaborators.
  • Loyalty and honestity.
  • Spirit of solidarity.

What kind of SERVICES do we offer?
Classic service: we work with full truckloads of the type of Megas, Jumbos, Tautliners, Platforms…
Groupage: Deliveries to Eastern Europe (Turkey, Romania, Poland, Ucraine…).
What are the LATEST DEVELOPMENTS in our company?
We have just started to offer express services in vans and ultra-express in planes.

In MAP Transport S.A. we have been guaranteeing security in all the transported merchandises for 33 years now. Our professionalism and fulfillment with the measures and valid current laws turn us into a reliable company. More than 2.000 customers rely on us and our services but we want to go further.

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