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International Express Delivery and its challenges

International express delivery is a field that differs from all other delivery services. It focuses primarily on the fast delivery of parcels, envelopes or any other goods in an urgent manner. The real challenge of express delivery is meeting deadlines. The carrier must ensure that the customer receives its order as soon as possible or at least on time: that is a core principle. However, as time goes by, new challenges appear. Carriers, in collaboration with their logistics coordinators, must adapt to these challenges and make the right decisions. But which challenges are we talking about? This article addresses the question.

Delivery methods and customized services

When buying online, customers are primarily looking for a service. So, they’ll choose the company that can provide the best possible experience. Therefore, each carrier must strive to offer flawless services. To achieve this, the carrier must deploy all the necessary logistical resources.

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The consumer does not care if the product comes from his city or from another continent. He wants to get what he bought as soon as possible.
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To face this challenge, it is essential to identify the needs of the customers regarding the express delivery services that can be offered to them. Then, the company must work on customizing its existing services based on this information. Some of the things that can be done include:

  • Delivery hours, by making them more flexible and convenient for the customer;
  • Shipping promptness: the faster the package is shipped, the more satisfied the customer will be;
  • Pick-up options: the company must offer several pick-up options, including pick-up points, extended delivery or scheduled delivery.

Optimization of last mile delivery

Last-mile delivery is the final step in the distribution chain. It is also one of the most important. Indeed, several difficulties can arise once the package leaves the company’s warehouse: parking problems, traffic jams, absent customers, etc. To be successful in international express delivery, all these details must be taken into account and then optimized.

At the beginning of a supply chain, the company is in a position where it is able to control costs and generate economies of scale through the transport of large volumes of goods. However, the closer the parcel gets to the final customer, the more expensive it becomes to transport. This is why the last mile is the most expensive part of the delivery process.

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A balance must be found between convenience for the client and efficiency in the delivery.
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Risk management in international express delivery

Sending parcels across borders is a process that involves many risks. End consumers are not aware of this. During their journey, the parcels being delivered may get damaged or lost. This risk puts the company at a disadvantage and undermines its ability to manage deliveries in the eyes of the public.

As a result, the company’s logistics coordinators must look for practical and efficient solutions. Such measures should maximize the chances that the package will arrive in perfect condition. For example, providing appropriate packaging or ensuring that the package is properly stored and identified. Likewise, the company can use technology or use advanced tracking.

Overall, international express delivery faces many challenges. These include delivery methods, managing the last mile and dealing with the risks associated with cross-border shipping. It is by addressing these challenges that companies can successfully deliver high quality services.

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