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International Express Delivery and its challenges

International express delivery is a field that differs from all other delivery services. It focuses primarily on the fast delivery of parcels, envelopes or any other goods in an urgent manner. The real challenge of express delivery is meeting deadlines. The carrier must ensure that the customer receives its order as soon as possible or

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Shortages: Supply chain issues will last

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected our habits. Since its outbreak, consumers and businesses have been facing unprecedented shortages. Some of the products that were once widely available have become scarcer and harder to find. Suppliers, on the other hand, are having trouble honoring their commitments and making the system function. These supply chain problems

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Road transportation: Its past and its future

Road transportation keeps on growing. Even if there are cleaner alternatives, such as fluvial or railway transportation, the road is still the favorite transport both for people and cargo. Today we are going to make a retrospective on how the industry used to be, and use it to understand how it could be in the

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Solutions to face the lack of truck drivers

The transportation industry is currently facing a severe lack of truck drivers. If action is not taken, this problem is going to get worse in the future. The current professionals are mostly about to retire, and companies are having real trouble finding replacements for them. Today we are going to take a look into ways

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Ecological road transportation: The 3 great challenges

Is it possible to have ecological road transportation? The logistical industry is constantly growing, and this growth has a massive impact on the environment. Actions are being taking to stop atmospheric pollution. But what exactly needs to be done? The ecological transition in transportation is crucial both for the industry and the planet. For this

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What does the transport of the future look like?

Our latest articles all talked about the problems of the industry and the need for change, but not everything is looking grim. Today we are looking into what the transport of the future could be like: The transport of the future will be fast To talk about the future of transport is to talk about

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