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The difficulties of road transport in Europe

The increase in competition caused by the arrival of Eastern players poses several difficulties for road transport in Europe. They range from internal struggles between the various players to nibble at a small part of a market share to the challenges planted by recruitment. We tell you a little bit more about it in the

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The future of road transport in Europe

Road transport in Europe takes the path traced by European Union.  As political decisions are made, physical borders between states are erased, but also economic barriers.   Nevertheless, the subject still deserves much thought and awaits solutions for situations that are likely to slow or delay its expansion. The Point in following developments: The current

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MAP TRANSPORT S.A.: YOUR TRUSTED COMPANY IN EUROPE MAP Transport S.A., your trusted company in Europe was born in 1985.  33 are the years that this road transport company located in Irun has travelled until today. Our international transport specialists guarantee the optimum solution based on: Costs Security Professionalism Trust An impeccable and respectful service that meets the current regulations in Europe

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Technology and optimization of the costs of the chartering service

The Transport Management System (TMS) market has shown some signs of excitement in the recent years. The market is experiencing a new lease of life through the optimization of services. Indeed, it is a problem that has just been solved, especially when we know that providers are now looking for the best methods to reduce

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Which future can be expected for mobile applications in transport?

With the development of mobile connectivity, mobile apps are now available to any industrial sectors. Facing the dynamism of the transport sector, they invested quickly the urban and interurban transport market and even the transport of goods. Today, the main question is what could be the future of the mobile applications in the transport sector.

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New dynamics for the trade of goods in Europe

Many people question the future for the trade of goods in Europe since the announcement of the Brexit. Trade flows, decreasing GDP and investments are issues that are at the centre of the debates in the various international meetings. However, if we rely on certain figures and the new agreements proposed, we can say that

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