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European transport policy: future changes for 2050

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a central concern for European countries. For some times now, the European Commission has set up a strategy to put in place a transport system that is both more competitive and less polluting. This is a plan mainly decided to reduce Europe’s dependence on oil imports. Medium distance transport: organize

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The environmental impacts in logistics transportation

Logistics is a fast-growing sector of activity and the mobility is essential to our way of life. At the same time, the transportation sector is the main source of environmental pollution. It is the first sector in emission of greenhouse gases and the first consumer of petroleum products. There are numerous environmental impacts in logistics

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The multimodal transport in Europe

The multimodal transport of goods or intermodal transportation consists of using several modes of transportations to transport goods from point A to point B. In Europe, the face of intermodal transportation is mixed. Most of this road-rail transportation takes place between the Netherlands-Germany and the Po Valley in Italy. Details on the intermodal transportation The

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Expected innovations in the transport sector

Today, several vehicles aircrafts manufacturing companies and devote their research to innovation in transport. The results of these researches are starting to emerge and will invade our roads in the near future. Examples include the electric trucks manufactured by Tesla or the aircraft equipped with wind turbines or solar panels. Automotive on the lead of

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Do you know our company? MAP Transport S.A., your trusted partner in Europe, is road transport company located in Irun with 33 year experience in this sector. Our activity is focused on the security and the transport of the merchandises from one point to another. We collaborate with almos all the countries in Europe,

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Do you know how important is to secure a merchandise in transport?

To secure a merchandise in transport is one of the most important things a company should take into account. The transportation is an economic activity that involves risks both to people and to merchandises. Thus, the necessity of taking precautions to secure the merchandise at everytime becomes one of the most important issues. Main measures

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