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Road transportation in Europe: ¿What are its challenges?

Road Transportation in Europe has changed considerably this last few years. Geopolitical tension, new competitors and a degradation of the industries image are just some of the difficulties that logistic professionals are having. For this reason, today we will be analyzing the challenges the industry is facing: Key Facts: Operative costs are increasing, reducing the

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The future of road transportation in Europe

Due to the advances in legislation and technology, road transportation in Europe is constantly evolving. There are fewer barriers between the member states, both physical and economical. But what is exactly the situation of international road transportation in Europe when looking forward? Let’s analyze the challenges the industry is currently facing, and what changes can

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European truck makers collaborate to develop charging network

Volta Trucks has unveiled the first running prototype chassis of its fully-electric 16-tonne commercial vehicle, designed for inner-city logistics. The Volta Zero chassis has been designed and built using the proposed production specification frame and drivetrain components of the finished vehicle. This includes the battery supplied by Proterra and an eAxle integrated rear axle, electric

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A reserve for the consequences of Brexit

On 29 April, the EU Member States approved the Council’s ‘Brexit adjustment reserve’. This €5 billion fund is intended to support industries that are directly affected by the UK’s departure from the EU. The distribution of the sum between countries depends on the “value of fish caught in the UK’s exclusive economic zone, the importance

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Truck parts shortage intensifies, extending to ‘common parts’

Fleet maintenance teams are struggling to source many of the truck parts they need as suppliers face shortages of commodities from microchips to rubber. “It’s really starting to dribble down into common parts,” said Darry Stuart of DWS Fleet Management, during an online Fleet Talk presentation for the spring meeting of the American Trucking Association’s

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Aerotruck’s ‘skirts’ on European trucks

  The Russian start-up has adopted aerodynamic equipment to reduce fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions. The first destination after Russia is France, with FM Logistic. From the United States, the technology arrives in Europe via Russia. Aerotruck, a start-up launched last year by Russian and American entrepreneurs, proposes to increase the aerodynamics of trucks

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